Mimi, Mimi, Mimi! Our love affair is ongoing over many years with you.. tell us.. what has been your favourite moment working with Spell over the years?
My favourite moment working with Spell was GLASTONBURY! Hands down one of the most progressive, all inclusive, festival wonderlands I have ever attended. Spell

You’re one of our all time muses because you see the world through a different lens. How do you think this has helped your career?
I think I see the world from a view of abundance rather than scarcity… and this positive outlook (although this is not something I can always maintain) I feel has helped my career through attracting people and opportunities who have played integral parts in the growth, development, twists and turns of my life and my career… 

Your style has definitely evolved over time and you’re a little less ‘bohemian’ these days. What did it feel like to jump into some flowy pieces whilst in Byron at our villa?
I may have steered away from the prints and patterns but I still love all the bohemian shapes and cuts, loose fitting flowy shirts and long skirts, silks, tassels, crochet, textures, head scarves and boots! I have moved to a more neutral and monochromatic colour scheme; this is helpful for styling when travelling/moving around… all my favourite pieces match! Jumping into some bright coloured Spell prints was very fun, there was a lot of ruffling my skirt like a birds feathers and twirling – I love the soft fabric of these pieces.


We are loving seeing you throw your life into your dance passion. Tell us about where you’re studying and what it means to you.
What I’ve realised is… whether it shapes, merges with or is even a part of my career or not… it doesn’t matter – I identify as a dancer. It is who and what I am! A mover. Dancing whether it’s dressed to the T in a studio doing ballet, frolicking in a field or grooving at a festival.. I feel free, I feel truly myself, I can channel and move my feelings and emotions from within through my body and out in movement. Dance is my passion and my highest form of self expression.

I trained in ballet from ages 5-18… slowed right down for 5 years whilst modelling picked up… and then realised something was missing. The life I was living was vibrant and free, I travelled everywhere and made good money… yet I wasn’t feeling fulfilled completely… I started taking ballet classes whilst living and modelling in Los Angeles and realised I was the happiest when I was in the studio for that 1.5 hours every few days, when I actually managed to get myself there… once you break the routine it’s so hard to get back on top it. During my years off, my strength and technique had diminished drastically, I was very fit – I trained pilates and boxing and yoga every day, but I couldn’t lift and hold my leg above 90 degrees… and the frustration with myself made it very hard to get back into it… feeling like I was too old, it was too late (this is me at age 20, lol). Since then I have been lucky enough to have opportunity of space and time to study full-time dance again – and am in my second year at Transit Dance completing a Diploma of Elite Performance in Contemporary along with my fellow classmates. Spell

What is your favourite kind of dance to do?
Contemporary! Naturally when I improvise my pathways mimic that of contemporary ballet / neo classical style dance. Which is essentially displaying a strong classical foundation but weaving it through with the freedom of expression and abstract movement that contemporary allows. Spell

How has COVID affected your routine with dance?
My school has been so amazing at creating an online platform for us – I felt I improved substantially doing the Zoom and live recorded dance classes from home – being able to take my time, repeat things until I really felt them in my body, film myself and self correct… Of course we miss partner work and being in the studio, rolling around on the floor and running and leaping and twirling around in our beautiful big spaces… but online has its perks too… I suppose we all just have to adapt and see the positive in this situation – I got to spend weeks and weeks in my beautiful apartment… and I really loved it, I felt so lucky to be where I was.. and timing-wise to have the opportunity to be kept busy and motivated by dancing… Funnily enough I felt during lockdown times I had a better routine than I usually do.. taking travel time out of the equation gave me ample time without rushing around; to get up, go for a run or walk, meditate for 20 minutes and warm up adequately with a little yoga session before starting dance… some mornings I even squeezed in a bath.  Spell

Who are your style icons?
A mixture of the designers themselves and style icons… Ann Demeulemeester, Bianca Jagger, Cher (in the 70’s) Yohji Yamamoto, Bridgette Bardot.

What is next for Mimi?
Good question! What is next for everyone at this point in time? This time had definitely reminded me of what I really value… and I have something exciting in the works for me personally… keep your eyes peeled for some extra nourishment.

Mimi wears our Mystic Tunic, Maxi Skirt and Head Scarf in Sunflower
Bonnie Midi Dress in Charcoal

With love to Mimi