DIY: Flower Pressing
Flower Pressed Tote Bags

What you need:
~ Tote bag 
~ Fresh flowers
~ Hammer
~ Clean cloth
~ Hard surface 


1. Select Flowers: 
Choose fresh flowers with vibrant colours and flat petals. Daisies, pansies, and violets work well.

2. Prepare Work Area: 
Find a sturdy surface that won't be damaged by hammering, and place a clean cloth over it. This will serve as a protective barrier for your item.

3. Arrange Flowers: 
Lay out your flowers on the item in the desired pattern. You can place them face down or face up, depending on the effect you want. Tack flowers in place using tape {we used bio degradable work tape}.

4. Hammering: 
Gently and evenly tap the flowers using a hammer. The goal is to press the pigments from the flowers onto the surface of the item. Adjust the flowers if needed and continue hammering until you're satisfied with the result.

5. Remove Flowers: 
Carefully lift the flowers off the item to reveal the transferred pigments. If any flower bits remain stuck, you can gently brush them away.

6. Let Dry: 
Allow the item to air dry completely to set the flower pigments. This may take a few hours or more, depending on the humidity.

7. Seal: 
To protect the transferred design, you can iron over the surface of the item once it's dry. This will help preserve the colours and prevent fading.

Done! Share your creations with us #spellDIY